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Positive Catastrophe is the brainchild of Taylor Ho Bynum and Abraham Gomez-Delgado. Bynum has been described as “animated as a vintage Loony of the most exciting figures in jazz's new power generation” by Steve Dollar of Time Out Chicago. Gomez-Delgado has been called “the new century's mad scientist, creating a musical hybrid so seemingly wrong it can be nothing but right” by Global Rhythm Magazine. Together they have come up with Positive Catastrophe: a trans-idiomatic ten-piece little big band that connects the dots between Sun Ra and Eddie Palmieri.

The group enlists a bevy of New York’s most adventurous jazz and salsa musicians, all composers and leaders in their own right, whose performing credits include such luminaries as Anthony Braxton, Max Roach, Henry Threadgill, Paul Motian, Steve Coleman, and Eddie Bobé. With the exceptional musicianship of the players and their fluidity in multiple genres, a unique instrumentation that hints at a traditional jazz and salsa big bands yet includes french horn, erhu, and rock guitar, and a pair of dramatic vocalists that are comfortable singing in three languages, Positive Catastrophe creates a truly boundary-crossing kind of new music.

“This is the audio equivalent of a funhouse mirror. ‘Travels,’ for example, sounds like a low-speed collision between Sun Ra’s ‘Nuclear War,’ Julie London’s ‘Cry Me a River’ and Chano Pozo’s Dizzy Gillespie vehicle ‘Manteca’ – all mashing together while the drivers giggle. Pos-Cat maintains a playful, even giddy vibe as it bends its Latin, swing, and progressive vibes so that they’re each recognizable but delightfully warped. If you’ve been hungering to hear Latin-based jazz in a new light, your prayers have been answered.”
Saby Reyes-Kulkarni, NY Press

“The ten-piece Positive Catastrophe pools the resources of two outstanding bandleaders: the ever-searching avant-jazz cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum, and Abraham Gomez-Delgado, head of the eclectic alterna-Latino outfit Zemog El Gallo Bueno…full of swagger and groove, it combines Mingus-esque polyphonic momentum with vibrantly off-kilter world-funk.”
Time Out New York

" its own sound, and a beautiful one at that. I certainly hope Positive Catastrophe is no one time project, because Jazz needs a whole lot more of what these cats can bring! Go out and find it."
Cadence Magazine 2010

"Un debut excitante e irreverente con la actitud que les falta a demasiados jóvenes jazzmen."
Yahvé M. de la Cavada, Cuadernos de Jazz, 2009

"much praise is due to Positive Catastrophe for pulling off Garabatos Volume One, which will remain in the memory for some time to come, and for all the right reasons."
Raul d'Gama Rose, All About Jazz

"If you ve been hungering to hear Latin-based jazz in a new light, your prayers have been answered."
NY Press

"Garabatos, el disco presentación de Positive Catastrophe, el proyecto liderado por el cornetista Taylor Ho Bynum y el percusionista Abraham Gomez-Delgado, ha sido una de las sorpresas más agradables del verano."
- Pachi Tapiz

"Muito agradável."
- Prog Brasil

"Le nombre de participants s'élevant à dix, le côté foisonnant de l'entreprise, cet aspect chaos contrôlé transparaît à travers chaque morceau, chaque ambiance installée, et c'est précisément ce qui rend le voyage si palpitant."
- Hellm



Dibrujo, Dibrujo, Dibrujo...
(Cuneform Records, 2012) iTunes

Garabatos, Vol.1
(Cuneform Records, 2009) iTunes