March 31st, 2017

The Owl Music Parlor, NYC


Composer/performer/bandleaders Peter Gordon and Abraham Gomez-Delgado will present a concert of solo performances at The Owl.

The Eje is an instrument that was created to allow one musician to play all the parts of a Latin ensemble simultaneously. Abraham Gomez-Delgado will perform original compositions and improvisations on this instrument. “Playing solo ‘ensemble music’ is as much about exploring the group as it is exploring the individual.” Abraham Gomez-Delgado is a Puerto Rican/Peruvian composer, educator and visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Peter Gordon will interweaving saxophone, piano and electronics with fragmented spoken narratives. This is latest installment of Gordon’s ongoing series of solo “tone poems” and will includes work-in-progress segments of a new album.

The Owl Music Parlor is a place for both listeners and practitioners. We aim to provide good ambiance and facilitate deep listening and meaningful moments.

April 28th, 2017

Barbès, NYC

Spring Has Sprung!! YOU belong with US and US with YOU and together we melt into a POOL of AMOR juice/jugo. The last shows have been magical for us. Gracias!!

Zemog El Gallo Bueno is a New York City based group of musician friends. Zemog is a 2015 international mutation that plays 21st century Latin music adventuring through 1930’s Puerto Rican street cries and laments, 60’s free jazz fumes, 70’s New York salsa residue, a cough that starts a rhythm and a found object montuno. Each composition is a battle ground for the search of the golden-tin rooster we call Zemog. Zemog plays the soundtrack to your true and false identities as they hug to danceable Latin polyrhythms that have a tropical past randomizing the snow flake future.

Barbès is a bar and performance space located in the South Slope part of Brooklyn. Barbès is also a neighborhood in northern Paris famous for its discount stores, its large North African population as well as the record stores which helped launch the Rai music explosion of the mid 80’s. Owned and operated by two French musicians and long-time Brooklyn residents, Barbès functions as a neighborhood community center of sorts. Much like the neighborhood it is named after, Barbès puts the stress on cultural variety, neighborhood conviviality – and bargain hunting , with $6 Ricard and an eclectic music collection that ranges from the Lebanese diva Asmahan to Mexican bandas, Venezuelan joropos and Romanian brass bands.

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